C.M.R. Enterprise
Last Updated: April 15, 2017

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Custom odd jobs - What ever you want done, we can probubly do it :~)

Got a new flat screen TV? - I can put your cables in the wall

Drywall over bricks

modify window box for a flat counter top

Enlarge an old chicken coop using the customers old materials

Custom Archery storage Rack

rescrean house vents

New Screans for your home

Block the wind from rattling your vents


Wind damaged eves - demo section & Rebuilt

Cover your sprinkler valves


Demo Gazebo & Decking damaged by termites

Build a cat condo in your garage

cat Condo room addition, LOL :]

Through the wall doggy doors

Disassemble & tag a play house to be moved to a new State
With instructions and photo's how to reassemble

Put up your Christmas lights :] . . .I call it "hooks for life"
no more staples in your eves, hook it once and rehang each year

remove verticle blinds and install new drapes

replace broken banister pieces


replace old A/C ducts

Custom planter trolly's with locking wheel

New Attic Access

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